April 6, 2017


NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Metalworking Solutions is helping its team of 65 employees take control of their personal finances by offering Ramsey Solutions’ SmartDollar as an employee benefit. Created by financial expert Dave Ramsey, SmartDollar is the premier curriculum for teaching financial literacy in a corporate setting.

“We know statistically that 70% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck and that most workers can’t cover even a $1,000 setback without borrowing money. Our workforce is likely not much different,” said general manager Nick Burrows. “We believe that our people matter and we want better for our team members. We want them to experience financial health and reduce stress by breaking the cycle of unhealthy debt levels and low retirement savings. Our hope is that SmartDollar will inspire and educate our team on how to make better decisions with their hard earned money.”

SmartDollar is a financial wellness tool that educates, inspires, and empowers employees to proactively take control of their money and get on track for retirement. The mission of SmartDollar is to help participants change their behavior towards money and in turn, use their largest wealth-building tool, their income, to save and invest instead of paying consumer debt.

SmartDollar is offered as both an online and mobile-friendly program and is available to companies and plan advisors. For more information on SmartDollar, go to

About Metalworking Solutions

Metalworking Solutions is a privately held sheet metal fabricator, located in Chattanooga, TN. We currently employ over 60 people. We were founded in 2006 after our President, Bill Hewgley, had a vision for how the manufacturing company of the future should look. Utilizing leading edge technology and processes, Metalworking Solutions provides outstanding products and services to industry. But the one thing that sets Metalworking Solutions apart is our focus on PEOPLE. We truly believe that People Matter and our goal is to positively impact the lives of our team members, customers, vendors, shareholders and our community. 

About Ramsey Solutions

Ramsey Solutions empowers people from all walks of life to win at life and money by helping them regain control of their finances, build wealth, grow leadership skills and enhance their lives through personal development. The company offers messages of hope through a variety of mediums including live events, publishing, digital products and syndicated content. The company was started by CEO Dave Ramsey, America’s trusted voice on money and business. Ramsey has authored seven best-selling books, and is the host of the nationally-syndicated The Dave Ramsey Show, which is heard by more than 12 million listeners each week on more than 575 radio stations and multiple digital outlets. Ramsey Solutions employs more than 575 team members and has been voted among Nashville’s best places to work nine times. For more information on Dave Ramsey and Ramsey Solutions, go to or follow @DaveRamsey on Twitter.