Metalworking Solutions uses Amada CNC turret punch presses to produce custom sheet metal components which require distinct features such as louvers, offsets, countersinking, electrical knock-outs, rolled ribs or other embossed features. Talk to a member of our Customer Service team to see how this technology might be a solution for your product.

Mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steel are typical materials we work with to fabricate everything from electrical enclosures and operator consoles to store fixture components and equipment cabinetry. Our CNC punch features a 100” X-axis table that processes up to 5’ x 10’ sheets without repositioning. This allows us to reduce processing costs and improve accuracy for short as well as long production runs.

This is the finest CNC turret punching system available anywhere in the world, with special features such as a brush table design to reduce surface scratching and the extra costs of secondary part finishing. This machine holds your tolerances the same as our lasers when scanned on our Fabrivision laser scanner during the QA process. No matter how complicated, we can verify compliance with your drawings on all flat parts before moving to subsequent operations such as forming, welding, or finishing.