Metalworking Solutions is fortunate to have great leadership.  Leadership involves being in constant pursuit of excellence in every facet of one’s life and character.  Excellence doesn’t just happen; it must be attained and constantly improved on.  Pursuit of excellence determines the paths you will take, the character that you and your organization will develop, the relationships you establish and ultimately what you will achieve.  Great leaders do not allow their organizations to become mediocre in any aspect.

Metalworking Solutions’ leadership is intentional, focused, consistent, aggressive, and unyielding.  We are committed to doing the right things, for the right reasons and at the right times. Our management team listed below has laid a firm foundation for our company and the following generation of leaders still yet to come.

Bill and Jan

Bill Hewgley, Chairman & Founder

Bill is the Managing Member, Chairman, and Founder of Metalworking Solutions.  He is the author of the company’s vision and culture. Pictured here with his high school sweetheart and wife of over 40 years, Jan, he is a native of South Pittsburg, Tennessee, he has been in leadership positions in the metal fabrication industry for nearly 40 years since joining American Manufacturing in 1978.  He retired in 2006 as President from Array Retail Solutions (formerly American Manufacturing) to form Metalworking Solutions.  He also regularly contributes to our blog. Click Here to read his articles.

Nick Burrows, President

As the head of the executive team, Nick is responsible for leading our strategic planning activities including team and individual goal setting and establishing business initiatives within the organization. Pictured here with his wife Katie and two sweet daughters, Nick oversees all management and operations within the company. After completing his M.B.A. in 2002, Nick started his career with Array Retail as an Intern to the Vice President of Operations. He later joined the company full time as Director of Business Integration where he was in charge of the implementation of an enterprise resource planning system. Nick received his Masters in Business Administration from the University of North Alabama. He received his Bachelors from there as well with a double major in Accounting and Computer Information Systems.