Metalworking Solutions, LLC has created an entirely new business model for providing outsourced sheet metal components and assemblies to OEM’s operating within virtually any industry. We assist manufacturing companies in the development and production of structural steel and precision sheet metal components; improving final assembly performance through superior part quality, best in class lead time, and on-time delivery.

the strategic difference


One of the most important strategic differences between MWS and our competitors is our focus on offering our customers ready access to the highest levels of quality and customer service through a forward thinking approach which combines world class technology and cutting edge, lean manufacturing processes with good, old-fashioned business principles and work ethic. While most companies buy capital equipment and run it for decades, we understand that technology continues to evolve and get better and better. Metalworking Solutions is committed to having the best in class technology and equipment for manufacturing your parts.

a foundation of success


The foundation of our success is rooted in our firm belief in maintaining, without exception, elegant simplicity in everything we do… and “everything” to us simply means solving your manufacturing problems through the most direct, cost effective means possible…on-time, every time. That’s the reason we are named Metalworking Solutions and also why we are very grateful for the many good companies whose faith in us has resulted in our steady growth as a company, even in the midst of this uncertain economic environment.

Our first operation in Chattanooga has been the successful proving ground for our long-term strategy of locating matching facilities in the major cities across the Southeastern United States. In the future, we plan to provide our high-value quality of products and services in strategically placed metropolitan areas providing a larger network of integrated manufacturing facilities to support your production needs.  These facilities will be electronically networked and capable of dispersing line items across plants to ensure timely delivery. In every instance, your operations team will be in direct contact with one of our team members to assure we are executing to your desire.


Metalworking Solutions’ mission is to deliver outstanding quality & service at competitive prices to all of our customers, regardless of their size. We aim to provide personalized expertise, utilizing world-class technology to deliver superior fabricated metal products on time to the industry while providing a fulfilling workplace and a lifetime career opportunity for our men and women.

Our business philosophy and values are straight forward and at the core of everything we do. They’re woven into the very fabric of our character. Metalworking Solutions is a company where a handshake still means something. We conduct business with these central values:

  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE: Providing attention to detail, aspiring to excellence in everything, always going the extra mile.
  • INTEGRITY: Doing the right thing
  • RELIABILITY: Consistently keeping our promises, unwavering commitment to quality and on-time delivery
  • PEOPLE: We understand that companies don’t drive business, people do.  We develop relationships in every aspect of our business within a culture that values each individual’s personal dignity and design for personal growth.  We honor those who are willing to earn and share a mutual respect for others.

We believe the strength of an organization is measured as much by the quality of its relationships as it is by its balance sheet and income statement.